Biotech pharmaceutical steroids

When the two disciplines- pharmaceuticals and biotechnology- come together, they result in many advantages for humankind in terms of healthcare. This is possible through Pharmacogenomics (derived from 'pharmacology' and 'genomics') which refers to the study of how the genetic inheritance affects individual human body's response to drugs. Biopharmaceutical drugs aim at designing and producing drugs that are adapted to each person’s genetic makeup. Thus pharmaceutical biotechnology companies may develop tailor-made medicines for maximum therapeutic effects. Also, biotechnology drugs can be given to the patients in appropriate dosages as the doctor would know the patient’s genetics and how the body processes and metabolizes a medicine. One more benefit of pharmaceutical biotechnology is in the form of better vaccines. Biotech companies design and produce safer vaccines by organisms that are transformed through genetic engineering. These biotech vaccines minimize the risks of infection.

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Biotech pharmaceutical steroids

biotech pharmaceutical steroids


biotech pharmaceutical steroidsbiotech pharmaceutical steroidsbiotech pharmaceutical steroidsbiotech pharmaceutical steroidsbiotech pharmaceutical steroids