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East Germany's rapid transition to a free market economy meant the loss of a giant support structure, which had enabled 91% of East German women to be employed, even while having three or more children. Women used to enjoy up to one year of paid maternity leave, subsidized day care, and generous bonus pay - but under the new capitalist system, there were drastic cutbacks.

As unemployment rises, it is primarily women who find themselves pushed off the job market. No longer financially self-sufficient and driven from the careers they identified with, many women have trouble coping with their "second lives" under a vastly different system.

East LA Interchange got a great review in Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography this week. “This is a rich story of place informed by LA’s historical conjunction of white supremacy and planning, told in the voices of many of its diverse residents…Shaped by its diversity, its respect for different cultures, and a working class culture of mutual support and generosity, Boyle Heights stood in contrast to much of the rest of Los Angeles, unified principally by insistence on its whiteness. East LA Interchange captures a handful of very powerful stories embodying some of these dynamics as they developed over a momentous century.” https:///book-reviews/

Having a large rocket arsenal made in Iran, PRC, and Syria, raises the question of whether Hezbollah has its own factories of rockets. If it does, they manufacture certain numbers. It’s been a long time since the last war with Israel. Launching a rocket after lengthy storage could be dangerous to its launch crew. It would seem that the war in Syria is being used to use up old Russian and Chinese rockets of which it has large numbers. The situation is more complex with SRBMs. They are very expensive to make. It would make no sense to establish their production on territory which at any moment could be bombed by Israel. With proper servicing, such rockets can be stored for up to decades. It’s likely that some assistance here is provided by Iranian civil and military specialists.

Documentary on east german doping

documentary on east german doping


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