East german beer

The long and thin layout of the bar is convenient for splitting the front bar area from the restaurant section in the rear. As you enter the bar, you are confronted with the stage to the left and huge brass brewing equipment to the right. Whether this is still used or merely for decoration is unclear but Hopf definitely brews its own beer…somewhere. The music is loud and the atmosphere is lively so it’s the best place if you want a classic bar room experience. Further back, there are more dining tables and the music is less intrusive so it’s favoured by people wanting a bite to eat and a friendly chat.

Pabst discontinued manufacturing Piels as of April 2015. Piels Brewing Company, based out of New York, is the successor to Piels Bros. LP. The company successfully fought to reclaim all rights and ownership related to Piels Beer and is currently in the process of reviving and brewing Piels true to its original recipe. Piels Brewing Company is owned by the direct descendants of the former Piel Bros. LP, President, Thomas P. Hawkes. and is determined to revive its beloved beer with authenticity and integrity in the New York region by early 2018.

Head north and you reach the coast, where the weather, the sea and the beer are rough. There are several tasty, full-bodied, no-nonsense Pilsners, hailing from breweries in Lübz, Jever, Flensburg and Dithmarschen. In Germany’s north, everything is somehow close to the coast, and some beers are even made on the islands, for example on Langeoog (Langeooger Inselbier/Island beer). In Hamburg’s notorious party-and-red-light-district of St. Pauli, Astra is the top dog. The brand is inseparably linked to the district and gets Germany-wide attention for its edgy advertisement.

East german beer

east german beer


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