East german clothing

April 18th 1916 (Tuesday)
Leave for Pretoria 8-05 am & report at Defence Headquarters, fill in all necessary papers & then proceed to Roberts Heights and arrange an allotment of 15/- per day to be paid to my wife to keep hearth & home going during my absence. Draw 30 UK Pounds (less certain deductions for equipment) as clothing and equipment allowance. The price of Sam Browne belt, revolver holster & lanyard was deducted, but not clothing. I draw 1 pair breeches, 1 British Warm, 1 shirt, & 1 Mackintosh from clothing stores on repayment. Engage native KLEINBOOI as my groom & take him back with me to Johannesburg. Maj Greenwood lunches with me at the Royal Hotel and I catch 6-30 pm train back to J'burg.

The Marconi Company 's New Street Works on the B1008 in Chelmsford was the world's first radio factory in 1912; on 15 June 1920, Britain's first radio broadcast was made by Dame Nellie Melba . The first radio broadcast in UK was in December 1919 from Marconi in Chelmsford, broadcasting news for the first time in December 1920. The world's first scheduled broadcast from the 2MT ( Two Emma Toc ) Marconi transmitter at Writtle was from 14 February 1922, only on Tuesday evenings. The world's first real-time computer (Type 152) with memory store ( Williams tubes ) was built in 1947 by the Elliott Brothers Research Laboratories at Borehamwood; the site became Marconi Avionics in 1978 and GEC Avionics in 1984, and also had GEC Computers .

These accounts and others from the period often emphasise that the Suebi and their Hermione kin formed an especially large and mobile nation, which at the time were living mainly near the Elbe, both east and west of it, but they were also moving westwards into the lands near the Roman frontier. Pomponius Mela in his slightly earlier Description of the World [29] places "the farthest people of Germania , the Hermiones" somewhere to the east of the Cimbri and the Teutones , and further from Rome, apparently on the Baltic. Strabo however describes the Suebi as going through a period where they were pushed back east by the Romans, in the direction from which they had come:

East german clothing

east german clothing


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