East german guards

DDR stands for Deutsch Demokratishe Republik. Immediately after World War Two and until the collapse of the Soviet Union and reunification of East and West Germany, what used to be East Germany was known as the Deutsch Demokratishe Republik (DDR). The East German government employed armed guards with highly trained dogs to patrol the Berlin Wall and the general border and checkpoints along the East and West border crossings. The breeders of the DDR where some of the strictest breeders, the world has ever known.

What we have here are the direct descendants of these very same dogs. They have not been bred for conformation or show or even for sport, they are from serious working bloodline's of German Shepherd Dog. Old East German bloodlines, with proper care and bonding, these dogs will lay their lives down if necessary. These dogs have been bred for intelligence, performance and workability and health. They are very thick, heavy boned and very.... powerful dogs when fully mature. They are extremely loyal to their family excellent with children and have a high degree of suspicion toward strangers or unusual situations, making them the ideal ppd and family guardian. Read More  

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East german guards

east german guards


east german guardseast german guardseast german guardseast german guardseast german guards