East german island cuba

I visited Cuba last year and spent time in Havana, Vinales, and Trinidad. I loved Havana too and it was my favourite but I found Vinales beautiful as well. I only spent two nights there so only had the one day to really do anything. I also took the tobacco farm tour but did the trek. I am sure I have some of the same pics that you have, LOL. I also tried the cigar but only smoked half of it which was enough for me. We then went swimming in a little swimming hole along the way. I was dead tired at the end but it was wonderful. My first night there I went to the Casa de Musica in the little square there and the second night I stood outside a restaurant with others listening to a live band there and an elderly gentleman asked me to dance with him. He then starting asking for a tip but I just kept on going. I enjoyed my trip to Cuba very much. I stayed at a Casa Particular and had my meals there with four German gentlemen.

East german island cuba

east german island cuba


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