East german military

With Germany’s defeat in 1918, the German military blamed the Schlieffen Plan as flawed and the cause of their defeat. The victorious Allies looked upon the Schlieffen Plan as the source of German aggression against neutral countries, and it became the basis of war guilt and reparations. Both the original Schlieffen Plan and Moltke’s rewrite were locked at the Reichsarchiv at Potsdam , and access to the documents was strictly limited. They were destroyed on April 14, 1945, during a British bomber attack, and only studies of the two plans survived. Gerhard Ritter, a prominent German historian, published those studies in 1956 and concluded that the Schlieffen Plan was German doctrine prior to World War I. Further summaries have been discovered over subsequent decades, opening new debates about Schlieffen’s true intentions and the implementation of his plan.

East german military

east german military


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