East german olympic music

In 800, the Frankish king Charlemagne was crowned emperor and founded the Carolingian Empire , which was later divided in 843 among his heirs. [28] Following the break up of the Frankish Realm, for 900 years, the history of Germany was intertwined with the history of the Holy Roman Empire , [29] which subsequently emerged from the eastern portion of Charlemagne's original empire. The territory initially known as East Francia stretched from the Rhine in the west to the Elbe River in the east and from the North Sea to the Alps . [28] The Ottonian rulers (919–1024) consolidated several major duchies and the German king Otto I was crowned Holy Roman Emperor of these regions in 962. In 996 Gregory V became the first German Pope, appointed by his cousin Otto III , whom he shortly after crowned Holy Roman Emperor. The Holy Roman Empire absorbed northern Italy and Burgundy under the reign of the Salian emperors (1024–1125), although the emperors lost power through the Investiture Controversy . [30]

While the Olympic flame had been used for the first time in Amsterdam 1928, in Berlin 1936 a marathon-like tour of the Olympic torch was introduced, from Olympia in Greece, crossing six frontiers with a journey of 3,000 kilometres (1,900 mi) to Berlin, through Greece , Bulgaria , Yugoslavia , Hungary , Czechoslovakia , Austria and Germany . The original idea of this Olympic torch relay was Carl Diem 's, who was a political advisor to Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels , specialising in Olympic affairs. The Olympics were the subject of the propaganda film Olympia (1938) by Leni Riefenstahl .

His "Fanfare For Freedom" has already become a staple in the symphonic Memorial Day and July 4th repertory, and his arrangements are frequently heard at Cincinnati Pops Concerts and were featured on several of their TV broadcasts. Two of his Christmas arrangements have been recorded by the Cincinnati Pops with Erich Kunzel for Telarc. Robert's "Commemoration," performed at a memorial concert remembering the Challenger Astronauts and played on the Kennedy Space Center launch pad has also been adopted as almost a memorial "anthem" in concerts across the USA after the events of 9-11-2001. It has been recorded on ABC Classics by the Tasmanian Symphony, and was featured live coast-to-coast in the 2006 National Memorial Day Concert on PBS to dedicate the WW II Monument, again on the 2009 concert as part of a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, and yet again in 2011 as part of Gen. Colin Powell's welcoming home of our troops and most recently it was featured on the 2017 concert conducted by Jack Everly to honor the Tuskeegee Airmen and all WWII veterans.

East german olympic music

east german olympic music


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