East german rpk

7,62 mm leichtes Maschinengewehr Kalaschnikow (RPK und RPKS) Instandsetzung - mm light Machinegun Kalashnikov (RPK and RPKS) Repair. This is a 128 page East German manual for the RPK and RPKS magazine fed machinegun, with 40 pages of text and 139 illustrations explaining how to inspect and repair the weapon. As with the PK repair (armorer’s) manual, this one is loaded with dimensions and tolerances. The RPK is a slightly modified AK-47, with many interchangeable parts, so most of the details in this manual will apply to the AK-47. This manual starts with tables about inspecting the gun, then tells you what tolerances and clearances are required to make the gun run correctly, and provides the data (angles, dimensions, wire sizes for springs, Rockwell hardness specs for hardened parts, etc.) needed for correct repairs. Please reference “RPK Armorer” on your order.

East german rpk

east german rpk


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