Equitest 400 steroid

However the EQ itself doesn’t give you instant gains like testosterone does, but the muscles it gives you are defined, lean and solid at the same time. Besides it remains with you after the cycle.
Id like to point out a few things to get the maximum results from this cycle.
Basically, the eq is an undeclynate ester so it’s has a long-term half life. As a result, you need to frontload stuff from it.
Remember that half the weight you inject with EQ is ester, not gear.
In conclusion, you need more of this stuff to get the best results. 12 weeks would be okay, but you can even increase it.
I’m going to probably replace test with it in my next course because I’m intolerant to high testosterone and trenbolone doses. So the EQ will balance it out.
The only thing is that it tends to aromatize so the estrogen it produces is worse than in testosterone, which is why you will have to combine an AI with it.
As for the side effects, it seems like aromasin deals with them the best from of all products out there. It fights arimidex and letrozole and throughout the cycle I felt really great becaue of it.

Equitest 400 steroid

equitest 400 steroid


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