Male nipple discharge steroids

In girls, it is perfectly natural to have a slight sweet smell from the vagina that is inoffensive. A strong, foul odor indicates a possible infection. With treatment, the infection goes away and so does the strong odor. Vaginal discharge is a necessary part of the body's regular functioning. Normal discharge, usually clear to white, is part of the body's self-cleaning process. As discharge leaves the body, it takes bacteria with it, which helps prevent vaginal infections. Parents should stress that girls clean the vaginal area with a mild soap and water

I had a hysterectomy at 23. I’m now 45. 3 months ago I was a victim of abuse. My boyfriend got up after sex at 3:30 am & decided I needed to go. I was slammed on the hood of my car and then bounced off the ground. After 9 hrs in a trama board and being transferred to a trama unit, I learned that I was temporarily paralyzed and had almost lost my bladder since I couldn’t feel it was full.
About 2 weeks after the “accident” I began having a brown watery discharge with a horrible smell. I mean Horrible! !
After 2 rounds of back to back penicillin treatments I still have it. I have no itching or burning like a yeast infection. Can you please tell me what this can be? I’m scared somethimg was damaged in the fall or cancer.
Please help!

Please help!!( is kind of gross) I have not started my period yet…… or i have. I am about to be 14 and just got brown blood which my sister said was pefectly normal. Then over the first night of which i think was my first period night, nothing was in my pad in the morning. So, i went to use the restroom, a little bit of brown gooey stuff was in the toilet. Then i wiped, and red blood was just everywhere. I cleaned up and got myself situated. Like an hour or two later i went in the bathroom and there was only a little bit of blood in my pad. Make an even longer story short, i was doing that throughout the day, and kept finding really dark, thick gooey stuff in my pad and when i wiped. There started to be quite a bit if this. So….. is this normal, im kind of trippin out rn.

Male nipple discharge steroids

male nipple discharge steroids


male nipple discharge steroidsmale nipple discharge steroidsmale nipple discharge steroidsmale nipple discharge steroidsmale nipple discharge steroids