Medical mnemonics steroid side effects

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Introduction to Microbiology Microbial Cell Ultrastructure and Function Standard Growth Conditions and Measurement of Growth Unusual Growth Conditions/How's a Bug to Survive? Basic Microbial Metabolism Microbial Metabolism--Mechanisms for Procuring Energy Anabolism Exchange of Genetic Material Immunology:  All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask Two relevant eukaryotic viruses

Toxins from fungi and algae
Intestinal Helminths (Powerpoint)
Intestinal Protozoa
Gram Positive Endospore Forming Bacteria
Staphylococcus aureus        
ENTERIC  Bacteria

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It is important to use concise lay language. A statement like “My diagnosis is that a viral syndrome is causing a flu-like syndrome. Use acetaminophen for this viral syndrome, increase fluid intake, and monitor output” is unhelpful to the caller. This might instead be stated as “From what you have told me, your child appears to have flu-like symptoms. Aspirin can be dangerous for children under 16 years of age. Use acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) instead.” Instructions should be kept to a minimum, using short, directive sentences.

Medical mnemonics steroid side effects

medical mnemonics steroid side effects


medical mnemonics steroid side effectsmedical mnemonics steroid side effectsmedical mnemonics steroid side effectsmedical mnemonics steroid side effectsmedical mnemonics steroid side effects