Oral tick prevention for dogs

yeah do your homework and find out the horrible side effects of trifexis and bravecto which are both about the same ingrediants. My dog acts like he is having a really bad spaced out drug trip. I will not put my dog through that again. Trifexis works good but the side effects are very dangerous and IMO cruel to your pet. It also is very expensive and supposedly the vets make a huge profit on it so they push it. I even asked my vet about the side effects and he said they haven't had any reports like I told him. Well the vet needs search the web about it because there are many reports of horrible side effects and damage to dogs health from it.

The very best thing an owner can do in addition to tick control products is a daily tick check. It takes 12 hours for a biting tick to transmit anaplasma and 24-36 hours for a tick to transmit lyme, so acting quickly is paramount. Remove the ticks with a tick spoon such as Ticked Off™ Tick Remover sold in our retail area. Finally, consider treating your local environment with pyrethrin impregnated cotton balls such as Damminix® Tick Tubes or learn to make your own tick tubes online. Whatever you do, don’t skip the topical parasite control.

Oral tick prevention for dogs

oral tick prevention for dogs


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