Results with tbol

Review is for stanos10mg Aka winstrol.
I got 100 pills from Darius back in the was combining them in my cut really enjoyed the Winnie
As it brought the much needed muscle definition to a better condition as I dropped body fat 2 weeks I saw a tremendous improvement in my overall physique at 40mg one thing I dislike about Winnie is that it dries me
Out super fast and my joInts start to hurt a pills are dosed correctly I my first time using Winnie so I definitely can vouch for pharmacoms are being a true Winnie and a very good became very hard by week 3 and my veins started to pop out and gave me that ripped look we all so desire when on a cut cycle.

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Results with tbol

results with tbol


results with tbolresults with tbolresults with tbolresults with tbolresults with tbol