Tbol cycle pics

Review is for stanos10mg Aka winstrol.
I got 100 pills from Darius back in the was combining them in my cut really enjoyed the Winnie
As it brought the much needed muscle definition to a better condition as I dropped body fat 2 weeks I saw a tremendous improvement in my overall physique at 40mg one thing I dislike about Winnie is that it dries me
Out super fast and my joInts start to hurt a pills are dosed correctly I my first time using Winnie so I definitely can vouch for pharmacoms are being a true Winnie and a very good became very hard by week 3 and my veins started to pop out and gave me that ripped look we all so desire when on a cut cycle.

I ordered these for my woman, she loves her winny, helps her stay lean and strong, these were used in a cycle to bounce back after our last kid, during that cycle she shed the baby fat nicely on the scale she only went down 15lbs but I'm sure she lost more fat weight than that but added back on some muscle. Her strength went up nicely as well, she was actually able to help me with a side job I did for a buddy installing a high end fridge, when I say help I figured she would fetch tools, direct me with the dolly etc, instead I get there realize that with the custom stairs they had the dolly wouldn't be an easy option so she helped me carry this 700+ lb fridge into the house and up the stairs, I was impressed.

Tbol cycle pics

tbol cycle pics


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