Tbol mid cycle

Give it at least a couple more weeks. Im in about week 11 of the basic bulk cycle. At week 5 and even in some of week 6 I was paranoid that it was bunk gear. But now that I look back at it I was just expecting really dramatic side effects. Some people just aren't as susceptible to the side effects as others. I got a little bit more back acne eventually but nothing crazy. My blood pressure eventually got high but there is usually no way to 'feel' high BP unless you get it checked. If you hit week 8 and still nothing is going on in the gains/strength department its time to start worrying. Test-e is so cheap to make that its most likely real.

Hello John. I’ve been lifting for years naturally and want to start a short cycle of test cyp. I’m also currently bulking. I was able to obtain a 10 ml bottle of test cyp 1000mg/10ml and after doing some research I was planning to do 250mg – 300mg per week and run RED PCT afterwards. I want to keep the cycle short 3-4 weeks since I’m a beginner. What other advice could you give me as far as PCT because I really would like to try a short cycle out but keep my hormonal balance in check in the safiest way possible.

Tbol mid cycle

tbol mid cycle