The wrestler steroid dealer

While Superstar Billy Graham was never officially reprimanded for his steroid use, he flipped the table on usual protocol by actually filing his own lawsuit against the WWF. Why? Because he claimed his PED abuse while he wrestled for them was enforced by the company itself. As Graham had it, any refusal would have resulted in being knocked down a peg or two on the wrestling totem pole.

Not too unsurprisingly, Graham’s lawsuit was a failure, but the former bodybuilder has openly admitted that his use of such drugs are the reason for his poor health in later life.

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Animal has been very forthcoming about what happened back in those days. Hawk died at the age of 46 from a sudden heart attack. But Animal has been very adamant in his defense of Hawk saying in 2011 that “Steroids wasn’t the reason that Hawk died. Steroids had nothing to do with Hawk dying. I want to make that perfectly clear. Because when we took steroids in the younger part of our career they were legal and we took them under doctor supervision. They told us that we couldn’t take them anymore, that they were against the rules, so we stopped taking them.” But it certainly played a part in his death. If they were in his body for any length of time, which they were, it had to play a part, no matter how small it might be.

The wrestler steroid dealer

the wrestler steroid dealer


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