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Being a fresh Rails full-stack developer out in the wild is a confusing endeavor nowadays. A “classic Rails” way to handle front-end with Asset Pipeline, Sprockets, CoffeeScript and Sass looks outdated in 2017. A lot of choices made back in the times of Rails do not live up to modern expectations. Sticking with the “old way” means passing on everything that happened in the front-end community over the past half decade: the rise of  npm as a JavaScript package manager to rule them all, the emergence of ES6 as a go-to JS syntax, the winning streak of  transpilers and  build tools , the  ever-growing embrace of  PostCSS as an alternative to CSS pre-processors. Not to mention the astounding success of front-end frameworks like React and Vue that change the very way we think about front-end code: components instead of “pages”.

Turbolinks cdn

turbolinks cdn


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