Vitor before and after steroids

On 17 January 2013 Torino purchased him for € million from Udinese in another co-ownership deal, in a 2½year contract. [9] [10] Here, he found Giampiero Ventura , his coach at Bari . He debuted for the Granata on 20 January in an away fixture against Pescara won by Torino 2-0. [11] He scored his first goal with Torino on 30 March against Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico , his first goal in 874 days. He scored again in the next week away to Bologna , scoring the momentary 0-1. He ended the season with 16 appearances and three goals and on 19 June the co-ownership between the Friuli and Turin was renewed. [12] In June 2014 Torino redeemed his entire contract in a blind auction, [13] for an additional €859,000. [14]

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Vitor before and after steroids

vitor before and after steroids


vitor before and after steroidsvitor before and after steroidsvitor before and after steroidsvitor before and after steroidsvitor before and after steroids