Wirksamstes steroid

Zur Herstellung pharmazeutischer Präparate können die erfindungsgemäßen Lösungen mit den üblichen Hilfsstoffen, wie Bakterizide oder Duftstoffe versetzt und nach Sterilfiltration in übliche Dosierbehältnisse abgefüllt werden. For producing pharmaceutical preparations of the invention can solutions with the usual excipients, such as bactericides or fragrances are added and filled after sterile filtration in the usual Dosierbehältnisse. Andererseits ist es aber auch möglich, diese Lösungen nach Zugabe von Emulgatoren mit einer wäßrigen Phase zu emulgieren und so Lotionen, Cremes oder Salben herzustellen. On the other hand, it is also possible, after the addition of emulsifiers to emulsify these solutions with an aqueous phase and produce as lotions, creams or ointments. Weiter kann man unter Zugabe von Treibgas Sprays herstellen, die zu den üblichen Dosierbehältnissen abgefüllt werden können. It can further be prepared with the addition of propellant gas aerosols, which can be filled to the usual Dosierbehältnissen. Zu erwähnen ist ferner, daß die erfindungsgemäßen Lösungen beispielsweise mittels Siliconelastomeren zu wirkstoffhaltigen Pflastern oder Bandagen verarbeitet werden können (DE-A 31 31 610, UP-A 39 96 934 und US-A 43 36 243). Should also be mentioned that the inventive solutions can be processed, for example by means of silicone elastomers containing drug patches or bandages (DE-A 31 31 610 UP-A 39 96 934 and US-A 43 36 243).

Research continued through the late 1930s and the 1940s surrounding Testosterone and its benefits and applications. Following World War II, the Soviet Union was the first nation to place a firm grasp on Testosterone and anabolic steroid use, and carry its research farther before any other country had caught on to the benefits of Testosterone use and its various applications. By grasping this head start, the Soviet Union could maintain a clear advantage in many different areas and did so for the most part during the late 1940s and 1950s. The primary and most popularly known area where this could be seen was that of the Olympics, where the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union were the first to use Testosterone to enhance the strength and performance of their Olympic athletes. The Cold War had been well underway by 1950, and it has been said that the struggle between the East and West during the Cold War for superiority in every arena was one of the primary driving factors for the development and application of anabolic steroids. The Soviet Union had dominated completely through the 1950s Olympic Games, especially in activities where strength had been a primary determining factor. American Olympic athletes were losing by an extreme margin to the Soviet athletes. It was during this time that the American government had intervened in an attempt to question the United States weight lifting team’s physicians as to why the Soviet athletes had such a gross advantage over the Americans. One doctor working for the US Olympic weight lifting team at this time was a doctor by the name of John Ziegler .

Wirksamstes steroid

wirksamstes steroid